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tropical cyclone database on the web.

The database remains a work in progress, and has currently catalogued 15,074 cyclones from 175 BC to 2023.

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How the Cyclone Database was created, what parameters it consists of and the extent of the database.


New information is being uncovered all the time, as analysis continues. It will still be several years until the database even reaches 50% completion.

Latest Findings

If you have any historical or recent reports, documents, or images of tropical cyclones anywhere around the world, please let us know!

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The Pacific Typhoon Seasons of 1884-1944 have now been reanalysed

The Pacific Typhoon Seasons of 1884-1944 have now been reanalysed. Beginning in August 2017 and ending in February 2019, we worked on producing track maps for over 1300 tropical cyclones[…]

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The new journey begins…

Hello folks, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. You’re witnessing the beginning of what will become one of my proudest projects, documenting the comprehensive history of tropical cyclones around the[…]

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Old Cyclone Images

Here’s a selection of cyclone images that we’ve picked up over the years.

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Send us a message if you have any questions. It is likely that not all information from the database will be published for the forseeable future, however we will respond to queries provided that the information is available.